First Nations Canadian Tax Exemption Policy

Sundaylace Creations First Nations Tax Exemption Policy:

Sundaylace Creations honours First Nations' provincial sales tax exemption. In Nova Scotia, provincial sales tax and federal sales tax are combined called HST, which is 15%, requiring the deduction of provincial government sales tax from the HST but still owe a total of 5% GST applied to your sales.

In order to receive this deduction, if you have not already done so, you must apply for the PST exemption with the Google form attached a few days BEFORE the order. We cannot apply the exemption at the sale nor refund after an order is completed. Please make sure you sign up for an account and fill out the Google exemption form before your order and allow a few days for staff to approve the form. Every order you make after that form is completed and approved will be automatically deducted at the checkout.

How do I know if I am eligible? 

You are eligible if you:

  • have a Canadian First Nation's Status Card and
  • live on a First Nation reserve and
  • the goods are being delivered to a Canadian First Nation/Reserve OR 
  • If you live off-reserve and the goods are being delivered to a Canadian First Nation/Reserve

If you live off reserve and the goods are NOT being delivered to Canadian First Nation/Reserve (example urban city like Toronto, Saskatoon, Sydney, etc.) you are not eligible for a tax deduction.

However, if you live in Ontario, you can claim a refund with the Ontario Ministry of Finance for the 8% portion of the Ontario HST.

Eligibility Requirements (all 4 must be true):

  1. You are the holder of a valid Status Card

  2. You currently live on a Reserve

  3. The name on credit card used for payment must match the name on the statuts card

  4. The product(s) are to be shipped to a Reserve
Steps you need to complete if you are eligible.
  1. Before you place your order, create a Sundaylace Creations account with your Canadian First Nation/Reserve address information. This account will be connected to your tax exemption account. Be sure to log into your account when you shop online.
  1. You must provide Sundaylace Creations with your First name, Last name, Phone number, Home shipping address (*which must be on a Canadian First Nation/ Reserve*), City, Province, Postal code and Email address, and a  UPLOADED copy or a photograph of your status card on the provided form: You must provide Sundaylace Creations with a copy of your status card of both the front and the back either by google form, or photographs sent by email (*Unfortunately this also applies to anyone who has shopped in our store before). Please use email:
  2. Sundaylace Creations will then verify your information and create for you a special customer profile which is tax exempt. This account will have the same log-in information as your original Sundaylace Creations account. Please ensure that your address "on-reserve" matches the account and Goggle form address as it will not be accepted.
  3. Your new customer profile will be created and you will receive an email that your status exemption has been approved and you can sign in with your new tax exempt account for future orders.  You can proceed to online shopping checkout where you will see your tax exemption according to your province guidelines (GST/HST). Remember, there will still be a GST (5% sales tax) on all products and as well a tax on shipping is applied, and cannot be adjusted due to Canada Post's policies. The processing time for new accounts is 2-5 business days.

NOTE: If you have not completed the exemption application protocol, we are sorry we cannot retroactively honour tax exemption. We unfortunately can no longer alter or change your order after it has been placed online.

For acceptable Status Cards, click here :


“Vendors who make sales to *[First Nation], [First Nation] bands or band-empowered entities over the telephone or electronically must also maintain documentary evidence to show that the sale is relieved of tax. Since [First Nation] cannot show their original status card or TCRD, and [First Nation's] bands and band-empowered entities cannot provide appropriate certification, when they make a purchase over the telephone or electronically, the CRA has taken the position that, to support their entitlement for tax relief, purchasers may subsequently provide a photocopy of their status card  or certification (for Indian bands or band-empowered entities) by mail or electronically (e.g., over the internet)” (

“When sales are made to [First Nation] or bands, maintaining documentary evidence is only one of the conditions that must be met in order for the [First Nation] and bands to receive relief of the GST/HST. The remaining conditions in TIB B-039 must also be met at the time of the sale. For example, if a vendor is located off a reserve and an [First Nation] customer makes online purchases, tax relief is not available unless the goods are delivered to a reserve by the vendor or vendor's agent.” (


Updated: January 2022


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