Question: What's the difference between Needle Sizes?

Question: What's the difference between Needle Sizes?

There are two basic needle types that people use while beading: Long Needles and Short Needles.

16/0 or 13/0 Long Needles are best used for brick stitch or loom stitch, as it can go through multiple times without added bulk. They are long (5 cm) and thin best for all bead types especially 15/0 seed beads.

11/0 Short Needles are 3cm long, and best used for flat stitch beadwork as they are stronger and more durable. They can work with all bead types.  Gold Eye feature makes it easier to thread.

Glover Needles:

The Glover needles are a heavy needle with sharp triangular points that easily pierce leather. Commonly used for moccasin construction or baseball cap beading, for its durability.

Sizes 3/0- 10/0:  The largest needle size starts at Size 3/0 which is good for moccasins, and the smallest glover needle size would be Size 9/0 which would be ideal for beadwork on leather.

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