10 tips to help you sell your beaded earrings on social media!

10 tips to help you sell your beaded earrings on social media!

10 tips to help you sell your beaded earrings on social media! 

1. Try to showcase the unique designs and patterns of the beaded earrings, "what makes my beadwork special or unique"? Photo quality matters on social media, make it pretty and people will purchase! Remember to put a logo/watermark on your images, people can use Pinterest to save your photos but they will lose your brand name once its removed from your posts. Don't lose traffic to your site because you didn't watermark your artwork photos!

2. If you're highlighting the traditional Indigenous beadwork culture behind them, share the story behind each pair of earrings and how they were created, giving customers an insight into the culture and craftsmanship behind them. 

Story telling Example: "Before the Europeans came, beads were made of things Indigenous people found in nature like shell, bone, pearl and stone. They would shape the beads uing stone or wooden tools, so they were larger than the beads used today. This beaded cap is a replica of our Mi'kmaq ancestors traditional practices." 

3. Utilize hashtags related to Indigenous culture, beading, and earrings to reach a wider audience on social media.

My favourites are #beadwork #beadedearrings #indigenousbeadwork #beadtok #beaders #beading #beadworkforsale

4. Collaborate with other Indigenous artists and businesses like Sundaylace Creations to reach a wider audience and showcase the diverse range of Indigenous craftsmanship. We work better together!

5. Highlight the quality and durability of the beaded earrings, emphasizing their value as a sustainable and ethically-made product. If you're spending more money on tri-cut beads or charlottes, then explain to your customer how this adds value and beauty to your beadwork. Beading supplies are expensive, explain how these earrings will be wearable works of art. Customers love to share these stories with others when complimented on your beaded pieces, so give them something to rave about!

6. Share photos and videos of customers wearing the earrings, creating a sense of community and encouraging others to purchase a pair. There is a whole debate on whether posting yourself modelling the earring before selling them, but having previous customers showcase your work will elevate your brand/business in the eyes of new customers.

7. Collaborate with TikTok influencers: Reach out to influencers in different areas like famous Indigenous women, the Indigenous fashion (yellowtail), beauty (cheekbone), and lifestyle niches (Indigenous box), and ask if they would be interested in showcasing your earrings. 

Offer special promotions and discounts through social media, incentivizing all customers to purchase the earrings and spread the word to their own network. Remember to ask for action call, such as "Like/Share/Comment" on your post!

Example: Picture of Ashley Callingbull wearing Sundaylace Creations earrings in 2016, Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Summer Games. 

8. Best to gather emails alongside with followers. Why emails you might ask... well if Facebook or Instagram shut you down/shadow ban you, then you will need to rely on emails to get your audience back! Mail chimp is one email collection place your can use to send a link to get them to sign up!  Linktree is also great to help you put a clickable link in your social media bio such as this:


9. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and feedback, showing your commitment to customer service and building strong relationships with your followers. Relationship matter when it comes to customer service and getting loyal customers.

10. Utilize Instagram and Facebook stories: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your studio, the creation process, and fun facts about your Indigenous heritage. I like to use Indigenous bead humour with bead memes and trending audios. 

Got a suggestion or comment, leave one below for Sundaylace Creations staff to respond to and create some engagement for us!


Sundaylace Creations mission is to inspire creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship through teaching beadwork and being the comprehensive  bead supplies shop for Indigenous beaders. 

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