Collection: 3-cut Beads

*New Collection 2018*

Czech seed beads in the shape of a short cut cylinder are called PRECIOSA Three-Cut Beads. They are hexagon, cut, with round hole. Use higher quality thread such as Fireline with this high quality glass beads. 

Sizes: 10/0 3 Cuts are 1.8-2.0mm and 9/0 3 cuts are 2.0-2.2mm

"The PRECIOSA Three-Cut Beads are cut again on special cutting wheels while strung on a wire which results in the reduction of the edges at the ends of the seed beads and the cutting of several randomly placed facets. Each PRECIOSA Three-Cut Bead has a unique shape. PRECIOSA Three-Cut Beads are among the most expensive seed bead products due to the demanding nature of their production."