Dollarama Dupes for Beaders!

Dollarama Dupes for Beaders!

Hello, I wanted to share with my fellow beaders some awesome Dollarama Dupes (Deals) for beaders that will make your storage of your Sundaylace Creations beads/bling so much easier! I found my top items from the Canadian Dollarama store which can also be found online at for those who live in the USA. I hope these can help grow your beadwork business and help with your storage of products.

*I am not affiliated with Dollarama or get a commission on sales, just wanna share my favourite dupes to save my beaders out there some money!*

Baggies are a must-have for many beaders, as we use them to store our gems to protect them from scratches or to hold our earrings while selling to prevent children's sticky hands from touching our finished beaded products. These baggies are great when we mix up our beads and do not feel like sorting them back, to create a "bead soup mix" baggie. These baggies pack up nicely, all the small items you may need for travel beading, for example, fits at least 20g of beads, thread bobbin and a needle. These baggies are handy to have on hand to store beeswax or thread conditioners that may get messy or dried out over time. 

These are my most favourite product from the Dollarama because I love seeing my beads while creating. These mini containers can hold a Hank or ~45g of beads and make it super easy to play with colours. Since the lids interlock, you can stack many of these on your table without having too much mess. The top of the lid is terrific too, as you pour beads in the shallow lid to use while beading. I have over 300 of these stackable containers, and if I knew I would love them this much, I would have saved some money by buying them in bulk on the Dollarama website. 


 These craft containers are great to hold 15-20g of beads. I use these to hold one yard of Ss6-Ss12 Rhinestone Chain in my drawers, cause those long metal chains can easily get tangled in a drawer without proper storage!

These tiny glass bottles are great to hold small products like 4-10g of Bicones or holds about 100-4mm Firepolish Beads. Some beads that are strung when you receive them but as you start to create with them, the beads can get a bit messy without proper storage. I also use these smaller glass bottles when travelling with my beads, to save space and weight in my carry on. 

Lighting is so important, however, we all do not get the best lighting options when we are beading outside of our homes such as beading in hotel rooms. It takes batteries, so you can use it in so many ways. I love taking it to craft fairs to light my beadwork as it has three settings. With an adjustable neck, it really is versatile, and easy to travel with. This tap light is bright enough to use in a power-off situation, as I experienced during our last Hurricane Dorian 2019, in Nova Scotia that knocked out the power for five looonngggg days!

Hello, cheap shipping options, with help from Dollarama. If you buy these padded envelopes at Canada Post, you can expect to pay up to $1.99 for one bubble wrap envelope. This has a three envelope set is $1.25, but more importantly, it keeps your beadwork safe while shipping but thin enough to use letter mail which requires less than 18mm thickness! If you purchased from Sundaylace Creations, you may note that my bubble mailers are purple, to keep on brand, but when I started out shipping earrings from Instagram these were amazing. The larger sized bubble envelopes are great too. 

The final Dollarama dupe for beaders is for the cheap Dye "Tintex", which comes in many colours. I use these dyes to colour my Lacy's Stiff Stuff so that I can have a coloured beading foundation. I choose the orange dye for the "Every Child Matters Beaded T-shirt Pins". I will explain the process of dying your Lacy's Stiff Stuff in another blog post, in November 2019.

Until then "bead with a happy heart" and feel free to share this with a friend!

Do you have a favourite product that Beaders would love to know about? Share in our blog comments!

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