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Zip/Postal Code failed validation.

Which means your zip/postal code is typed incorrectly on your order, or that the zip code you provided is not the same as on the billing address of your credit card? In all cases of zip code errors, it is the customer's bank reporting this error. The bank is the only place that would actually know the zip code, so at that moment our store is actually verifying the entry on file. 

A few times I have also seen issues with "auto-fill" in the customer's browser causing confusion also. Once you enter the new zip and move on, some web browsers will quickly update it to whatever was on file and send the "wrong zip."

When your payment fails due to an incorrect zip or postal code, this means your bank told us your security code matched, but not your zip or postal code. To protect both you and us, we decline non-matching transactions to fight fraud.

Your bank account will show "pending" charges on your attempts to purchase, but we have not received funds for a completed order due to the error. 

We have an easy solution for you, try checking out using an email money transfer. Customers from Canada can use EMT payment. We also have PayPal as a payment option. 

Contact us if you have missing or damaged items from your order, we will be happy to help you! Please put your order number and any information to help identify your problem in the comment section. 💜 Our customer service staff will respond between 1-3 business days to emails. 💜