Beaded Poppies Quick Reference: Flat Stitch Beading Basics

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Beaded Poppies Quick Reference: Flat Stitch Beading Basics

*Pre-step Glue down/Sew down your pattern on the top of the beading foundation. Then place the middle black gem in the center, either gluing it down with e6000 or strong glue or sewing it down.*

1. Thread needle and add knot.
2. Go through your beading foundation (lacy stiff stuff/good felt) coming out from the starting point of your project.
3. Pick up two beads and line them up on foundation. (b) Tack them down by going through the foundation.
4. Come up between the two beads (c) and exit out of the last bead (d).
Repeat... Hopefully the visual makes sense but there is plenty of youtube tutorials on flat stitch bead embroidery linked at our Sundaylace Creations youtube page.

Feel free to share and leave any tips in the comments to help our new beaders 🥰
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