Question: What is the difference between duracoat and galvanized beads?

Question: What is the difference between duracoat and galvanized beads?

Question: Would you have gold beads that are duracoat? or what does galvanized mean? Is it something that won’t let the gold beads fade away?

The "Galvanized" finish is the silver plating on the surface of beads. Miyuki bead brand uses the the term “Duracoat” as a durable clear coating for outside dyed or galvanized metallic beads. The "Duracoat" finish gives the metallic brilliance to a silver-plate finish that is covered with a durable clear coating, for long lasting durability. It is thicker and stronger coating than traditional metallic finish. The duracoat galvanized beads are extra durable, which is the best quality in metallic beads. 

The metallic bead colours can be alter or fade from dry-cleaning chemicals, please be aware this may affect how you choose to use them. Miyuki metallic beads might change or fade due to exposure to sun or deterioration with time. All metallic beads are vulnerable to chemicals such as hairspray/alcohol based products like perfumes/cleaning solutions as mentioned in my blog "Beadwork is beautiful but delicate" in my blog section, if you would like to learn more.  

Below is a picture of non-galvanized metallic beads, that were sprayed with an acrylic spray to "preserve" the beadwork, however the chemical exposure started to deteriorate the beads.

Please be aware of this when buying beads and when handling beadwork, as "skin acid" or fiction from holding your beadwork while beading, can also deteriorate regular metallic finishes. When you have beads that have an extra clear coating, it allows for more wear and tear, and longer lasting beadwork!  Totally worth the extra few dollars to invest in Miyuki duracoat galvanized beads, now available in 21 colours at ranging from hot pink, purple, teal, silver and gold.

Working with duracoat galvanized beads can add that extra sparkle and shine to beadwork, and can be durable for a long time as long as you know what to avoid to keep your beadwork safe! Next newsletter will discuss, bead finishes and type.

Feel Free to share with a friend, and handle your Metallic Beads with care, as they deserve to be loved for their sparkly brilliance! Join our conversation over at our Blog Page, in the link below. Share your experiences with metallics: the good, the bad and the lessons along the way!


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