How to Edge your Beadwork: Basic Zipper Edging

How to Edge your Beadwork: Basic Zipper Edging


Step 1: Tie a knot on your thread and sew it between the two pieces of fabric that you would like to edge. Usually, the "sandwich" consists of 1. Bead Foundation which you bead on top of such as Pellon, Lacy Stiff Stuff, Stiff Felt, Canvas  2. A Middle Stabilizer to keep the beadwork firm which is optional and based on preference such as cardboard, card-stock, plastic (this can come in various forms, most popular is flat thin plastic from packaging, imperial margarine lids, CD's.  3. A Backing material (such as leather, leatherette, vinyl, fabric, iron-on patch fabric). 

Step 2: Pick up 3 beads and go through your sandwich of fabric, with a bead space so they do not bunch up due to being too close. Tighten up your thread to create tension for the middle bead to pop up naturally. 

Step 3: Go through the last bead and pick up two more beads to continue the pattern. 

Step 4: To connect the edging at the end of the project, there should be just two bead side by side. You need to add one bead to complete the zipper pattern and go through the first bead you started with. Tie a knot at the base and go through a few of the zipper edging to secure your work. You can also use the thread to create knots also. 

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