Tutorial For New Beaders: Simplify your Selling Process

Tutorial For New Beaders: Simplify your Selling Process

Tutorial For New Beaders

Great, you created something amazing and you want to share with the world. 

Are you now ready to create your amazing beadwork with joy in your heart and to start making some pocket money?


Step 1: Bead with a Happy Heart

Create your amazing beadwork with joy in your heart. Putting good vibes in your work will always bring you happiness in art. Remember to track the time you spend on your project to know how to accurately price your piece. 

Step 2:

Take photos in excellent lighting, and in a background that makes it shine! White backgrounds can be great to help see your art in a blank space. Watermark/brand your beadwork, as once you post a photo you have no control over where it ends up for example on Pinterest. You want your customers to be able to find you. 

Step 3:

Start an Instagram/Facebook page account to share your art! Follow some beading friends and start building a following. Connect with other beaders to help grow as an artisan and to find support when you need it. Finding customers will come from sharing your work and promotion. 

Step 4:

Get them "likes" and "followers" to your artisan page or Instagram. Create engaging posts to share your passion for beading. Try to build a business page, by keeping personal pictures on a separate page.

Step 5:

Auction or sell your beadwork. Be clear on prices, descriptions (earring type/findings/colours/size/etc) and how to purchase. Good photos of the front and back of your products will limit the number of questions the customers may have.  

Use PayPal to protect the buyers and yourself.

Step 6:

Good Communication is the KEY to happy customers. Give out tracking numbers, and thank you notes. Keep in touch with your customers. Following up with customers will create a relationship with your customers, and happy repeat buyers. 


Lastly, keep up the good work, consistency is key! Got a suggestion, please feel free to add to our comment sections to help new beaders grow!

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