Lacy Stiff Stuff, The best Beading foundation on the market!

Lacy Stiff Stuff, The best Beading foundation on the market!

Lacy Stiff Stuff, The best Beading Foundation on the market (in my opinion)

It's smooth, won't snag your threads and holds up to washing and weather. The needles won't bend as much, especially those finer delicate kind. You put your heart into your work--your work deserves the best foundation. Your work deserves the original premium beading foundation -  Lacy's Stiff Stuff! 

*Washable and remains stiff, holds shape even when wet*-

Customer have reviewed my earring being washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer only to come out like new, not advised to repeat  but great to know that is possible. Many people use it for regalia pieces cause it holds up to heat and to rainy powwow weather really well.

*Can be dyed with permeant markers or dye the whole sheet to match your project with fabric dye*-

I used a black fabric dye to darken my lacy stiff stuff to use on dark beading projects and it worked great. I soaked it in the dye *-10 hours in a large baggie, and dripped dried it in the tub. It came out a dark grey and amazingly still stiff! I could have ran an iron over it to smooth out the minimal amount of wrinkles but it really was still usable in near perfect condition afterwards. I always use black permanent markers on the edge when creating black earrings so that the white doesn't show through. Never had any problems with bleeding or it coming off. 

*Glue on cabochons and gems easily, ready in 20 minutes*-

Yes its true! I tried and tested this with pearls and I was ready within 20 minutes to start beading again! I like to use E6000 for glue on gems for durability.  

*Needles glide through and can bead right to the edge without fraying*

So true, especially if you have those long #13 or #16 needles, that tend to bend to your fingers from the push through of materials while beading. Lacy Stiff stuff allows for easier glide through and less effort to push that causes that bending. Also you can bead right to the edge and there will be no fraying or stress that your piece will fall apart. Even the heaviest cabochons don't create a problem. I'm always amazed at the durability of the products. 

*Burns smoothy and without dark coloration, for no edging look of beadwork*

As a beaded, my trusted lighter always burns the edges of my beadwork to secure loose threads and to hide my beading foundation. It melts smoothly and consistently without catching a blaze if your slow and steady with your flame. 


Overall I can't rave enough about this product. I really stand behind the things I sell as I only use finest quality items to produce my craft. :)

Happy Beading

"Bead with a Happy Heart" Mariah 



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