Fireline Review

Fireline Review

A Product That I just LOVE!  I think I'll start a blogging on this beading material that I work with, cause I like using name brand high quality stuff.

Personally my first experiences with thread were the basic Nymo Thread, which I didn't care for much as the tension and pull felt strange to me as a new Beader. Once I found through trial and error, Fireline Beadsmith, Micro fused Braided Bead Thread, I was a customer for life. 

Fireline is Great for Flat Stitching, and working with delica beads, has the ability to knot easy, doesn't get snagged by needles, or tangled up. It not the same as FIRELINE fishing line, cause its coated differently and much more pyliable, and is made to last longer. I have used this in every style of beading, the 4lb weight is great for size 13 seed beads (the smallest), I prefer a 6 or 8 lb weight for 2-cut, 3-cuts and size 10-11 seed beads with flat stitching or bead embroidery. The 6lb is better for flat stitching (sewing around gems) and the 8 lb is good for brick stitch and peyote stitching cause it much more stiffer and holds shape better. It does not give any slack or pull or stretch  which is its  own limitation. Does not work well for wrap beading, but tacts beads down nicely.

Fireline thread also burns nicely, barely any smell, and melts to the knot on beading foundation easily. 

Anyways, I hope my fellow bearers out there enjoy this mini endorsement for this product, and maybe if you like it or dislike it, you can comment... 


Happy Beading,


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