DIY Christmas Cards using beading supplies!

Posted by Mariah Battiste on

Hello my fellow beaders, we all have that extra bead supply stash that we secretly hope to use in the future. Why not think outside the bead box, and try something creative. I will show you some examples off Pinterest of ideas on how to use what you got for a personalized Christmas card for that special person on your list. 



  • Black Marker to make string design
  • Large and Small Gems
  • Card Stock

Create long lines resembling string on folded card stock. Sew/Glue on Random Festive looking gems to resemble Christmas ornaments. Great idea to create a special gift tag with sew on gems for easy removal for a fellow beading friend!

You can alter this idea for gift tags also!

Got some extra beads and a green string? Try to sew a tree design and add bead embellishments for ornaments!

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