Bead Type Glossary!

Bead Type Glossary!

Bead Sizes:

  • Seed Beads: Tiny beads available in various sizes, commonly measured in aughts (0/0). The larger the number, the smaller the bead. For example, 15/0 seed beads are smaller than 6/0 seed beads.

  • Bugle Beads: Tubular beads available in different lengths and widths, often used for fringe or structural elements in beadwork.

  1. Pony Beads: Large, round beads with a wide hole, typically made of plastic or acrylic.

  2. Delica Beads: Cylindrical Japanese seed beads known for their uniformity in size and shape, often used in intricate beadwork like loom weaving.

  3. Gemstone Beads: Beads made from natural gemstones, available in various shapes and sizes.

  4. Crystal Beads: Faceted glass beads, often made by Swarovski or other manufacturers, known for their high sparkle.

  5. Wood Beads: Beads made from different types of wood, providing a natural and organic look to jewelry.

  6. Ceramic Beads: Beads made from ceramic clay, often featuring colorful glazes and textures.

  7. Acrylic Beads: Lightweight and affordable beads made of acrylic, available in various shapes and colors.

  8. Metal Beads: Beads made of various metals like sterling silver, copper, brass, or pewter, used to add accents and shine to jewelry.

Bead Types:

  1. Round Beads: Beads with a spherical shape, the most common and versatile bead type.

  2. Cylinder Beads: Beads with a cylindrical shape, such as Delica beads.

  3. Bicone Beads: Beads shaped like a bi-cone with two pointed ends, often made of crystal or glass.

  4. Rondelle Beads: Beads with a flat, disk-like shape and rounded edges.

  5. Cube Beads: Beads shaped like cubes or squares, providing a geometric and modern look.

  6. Oval Beads: Beads with an elongated oval shape.

  7. Tear Drop Beads: Beads shaped like teardrops or raindrops, often used in earrings and pendants.

  8. Chip Beads: Irregularly shaped beads, often made from gemstones or natural materials, resembling small chips.

  9. Heishi Beads: Disk-shaped beads made from shells, metals, or other materials, often used in Native American jewelry.

  10. Bi-Bo Beads: Beads with two different colors on each side, allowing for reversible designs.

  11. Tri-Beads: Beads with three different colors on each side, offering additional design possibilities.

This glossary provides a basic overview of bead sizes and types commonly used in beadwork and jewelry-making. There are countless variations and specialty beads available in the market, each offering its own unique design possibilities. Explore and experiment with different bead sizes and types to create stunning and personalized jewelry and beadwork projects.

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